Meanwhile In Paraguay - We Have Cops Breaking Up A Brouhaha On The Soccer Field After A Stiff Elbow To The Face

[Source] - Hours after the handbags between Chelsea and Tottenham, the Paraguayan Superclasico between Olimpia and Cerro Porteno descended into total chaos with an almighty brawl breaking out between the two sides.

It all kicked off when Cerro Porteno's Federico Carrizo hit opponent Fernando Cardozo with a stiff uppercut-like forearm to the face after being cynically dragged off the ball. Olimpia captain Richard Ortiz then rushes over and begins grappling with Carrizo, before players and substitutes from both sides pile in to join the mayhem.

Police were eventually roped in to break everything up, but not before a couple of red cards were handed out - one to instigator Carrizo and the other to Olimpia's Alejandro Silva.

Oh England managers want to have their little handshake disagreement? That's nothing in South America. It is hilarious that they said cops had to be roped in. I mean we're talking about a soccer slap fight boys. Figure it out. Wait until a couple haymakers are thrown. Because, again, any time I hear cops being involved in a sports fight I think of this clip: 

Now that play is dirty as fuck. You can make whatever jokes you want about soccer players and being soft, that's a clean shot to the face, with some A+ selling after it. That's not enjoyable no matter how hard or soft you are. I prefer not getting hit in my face, that's just me though. That said, if you don't laugh at the image of the guy laying on the ground all by himself as this scrum happens I don't want to know you. 

Sometimes it's the simple things that can make you laugh.