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Chelsea Fans Continue To Be Pathetic With Their Crying As Even More Hilarious Stories Come Out From Yesterday's Match

If you're a soccer fan you know all about the 2-2 tie yesterday. If you're not, you probably saw the clip of Conte and Tuchel going at it in the handshake line. But over the last 24ish hours we've got some more stories. Don't worry, Chelsea fans are still bitching and moaning. 

First, justice was served. 

Clean as a whistle. That's not even me being a Spurs supported. Just reporting facts. There shouldn't have been anything more to Romero. I'd say that about anyone in this situation. That won't stop Chelsea fans from claiming the refs are against them. Speaking of which...

These always crack me up. They work 0 percent of the time. Yet fans will continue to do it, they will continue to go viral and Chelsea fans will continue to whine. Just a hunch but you could have had some sort of decent defense in the 96th minute. That probably would have won you the match. 

Choo Choo! Get out of the way when Conte is on the move. Honestly this is bad because Conte could have been hurt. Kovacic missed the match with injury and needs to get out of the way. No room for him to be attempting to hurt Conte. 

A+ Instagram post. That's what social media is for. God I love Conte.

In all seriousness this is good for soccer. Give me a true heated rivalry with Tuchel and Conte, Chelsea and Tottenham. Now I can't wait to see Chelsea fans cry more. Free Pulisic and let Tottenham cook. We're better than you. I'm calling it 2 matches in the season.