James Harden Is Now The Greatest NBA Insider In The League

Anadolu Agency. Getty Images.

James Harden knows the importance of diversifying your portfolio. 

Everybody knows that he's a great basketball player. He's one of the 75 best to ever do it. But at some point or another, Father Time catches up with everybody and his playing days are going to be over. While he still has his eyes set on bringing a title to Philly, he knows the next chapter of life is right around the corner. So he has to figure out what his next move will be. 

We've already seen James Harden doing everything he can to recruit Kevin Durant to join him in Philly. I wouldn't be shocked to learn that James has been orchestrating this entire ordeal. If he's able to pull it off and get Durant in a Sixers uniform next season? Well maybe there's a front office job with his name on it when his playing days are over. 


Or maybe…

Shams? See ya. Woj? See ya. Windy? See ya. 

There's a new sheriff in town and James Harden took all these insiders to the wood shed with that scoop. Sixers vs Knicks on Christmas Day in the Garden. You have all these dudes who have spent years in the industry building up a rolodex of sources at every level. James Harden just cooked all of them with that scoop. Future NBA Champion/GM/Insider James Harden. Has a nice ring, or two, to it. 

Eagles vs Cowboys on Christmas Eve. Sixers vs Knicks on Christmas Day. Start to prep your bodies now, boys and girls. We are going to be getting after it over the holidays.