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A Young Girl From Uvalde, Texas Asked Alex Bregman To Homer On The Day The Astros Bussed In Thousands For "Uvalde Strong Day" And Of Course He Delivered. In His First At Bat.

Say what you want about Alex Bregman and the Astros, what they have been doing with the town of Uvalde this season is really cool. On Sunday they honored the town that was devastated by the school shooting in late May by giving away thousands of tickets to the residents of Uvalde, they bussed them all in for their "Uvalde Strong Day", sold shirts with all proceeds going to Uvalde Strong efforts, held a 50/50 raffle where the winner got $10K and the rest went to Uvalde things as well. Some awesome stuff as they try to help a community that is still healing. 

One girl even put in a special request to Alex Bregman.

If you are Bregman, of course you have to say yes to this request. It doesn't matter who's on the bump or how you have been hitting. Any Major Leaguer worth their salt promises to hit a home run for a kid that asks and goes up swinging for the fences every time he steps in the box.

So what does Bregman do in the first inning? 

Smoked. 2-run bomb to get the Astros an early lead. Dusty telling him when he got back in the dugout "you hit that one for Uvalde" is pretty cool. Had to have been an emotional day for a lot of the fans there and I hope that the Astros winning was able to make their day a little better. 

You could hear as Bregman talked about it too. I think they loved trying to brighten their day. Even though it's just a baseball game and in the grand scheme of things it means nothing, the Astros doing everything they can to try and take their minds off the tragedy for an afternoon is a really cool move and Bregman going yard at the young girl's request is even cooler. Good stuff here from Houston.