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This Kid Just Got A Life Lesson He Won't Soon Forget


Hey kid, get used to it, my friend. That's life in the big city. One second you're chillin at the ballpark, minding your own damn business, about to absolutely hammer time on a $12 hot dog, and then life smacks you in the face.



He knew it right away too. He gambled and lost. He knew that eating a hot dog like how Hank eats a sandwich was risky, and it did not work out for him whatsoever. Just an early life lesson for the kid. Things in life aren't always going to be as hunky dory as eating a delicious stadium dog.

But I will say, I might believe in god/ghosts/fate after seeing this video. That was a plain hot dog. Not a condiment to be found. Nary a squirt of mustard on the entire thing. So maybe it was a supernatural power that tossed that dog on the floor. Saying "no, no, no, this is no way to eat a hot dog, try again next year pal". I think that is entirely possible.

And real quick, back to how Hank eats a sandwich:



That's my boss!