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There's A Reason Steven Cheah Had Sam Howell As The Number 1 Overall Pick In His Mock Draft...

Scott Taetsch. Getty Images.

The Washington Commanders officially took the field for the first time with the new name, helmets, jerseys, and QB in Carson Wentz yesterday. The offense and Wentz had a very sharp drive, and Wentz far and away proved he is the best QB on the team, finishing a fine and dandy and accurate 10/13, 74 yards. 

HOWEVA, when Sam Howell took the field, he was absolutely electric.


Sammy H both razzle dazzled his way up and down the field. He showed the quick release, good instincts, and great feet that at one point had him mocked as the first QB off the board, including first overall by our very own Steven Cheah.




It's wild how much one guy can slide based on factors out of his control. UNC lost a ton of their offense and Howell suffered as a result, but he clearly has a ton of the tools needed to play QB in the league. He's hopefully going to be very fun to develop, and possibly take over for Wentz after he takes us to the Super Bowl.

Obviously I think Wentz is the no brainer starter in Washington and believe he's going to prove a lot of critics, skeptics, and nay-sayers wrong. But you gotta be happy with what you saw out of Howell yesterday. And as for Heinicke, he's probably a top 3 backup QB in the league right now and a team like the Browns should be trying to trade for him pronto. 

Here's Howell's full highlight package from yesterday, lots of things to be happy with.