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WATCH: Ring Girl Splits, Knockouts, 500 LB Fighters, Caleb Interviews And More

FYI this graphic is legally binding marketing material. Anyone you see on it WILL be in Huntington, WV this Friday night for RNR18. The ring girls may be interchanged but the USA outfits will remain along with our full commentary team of Dave Portnoy, Dan Katz, Robbie Fox plus Caleb and Large.

There's no doubt Alex Bennett & Coach Duggs have their work cut out for them to get a win and the rest of the fight card has some intriguing variety too. 1st ever female dwarf fight, guys who just got out of prison fighting, guys named Brittni fighting, the return of Travis Turman, Abel Brothers vs The Nicks, arm wrestler vs arm wrestler, 6 girl fights, 300+ lb big boy brawls... RNR18 has something for everyone in the family. 

 Scroll through these highlights for a taste of Friday night and order the PPV on with 48 hour replay

Ring Girls doing splits

Ring Girls making out

Ring Girls VS. The Ring


Ring Girls staying with their BF even if he gets KO'd

Knockouts, Spinebusters, and Jeans


Caleb Pressley being the #1 sideline reporter in sports history





Bonus Bonus: Wedding Proposal in Welch, WV

Expect the unexpected on August 19th.