Saturday Morning Must Watch: This Meme Mashup Video Is Pure Internet Chaos Perfected

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Starting a new Saturday Morning Must Watch blog series that I'll probably forget about next week because I am an idiot. But I feel like we have reached a point on the internet where there are short videos being produced at a level better than anything Hollywood can churn out mashing a bunch of awesome shit together, with the Breaking Bad x MCU mashups I blogged about last month being the perfect example of this.

Somehow all these videos avoided my radar despite living on the internet until they went viral on Twitter after someone ripped them to get those sweet retweets and internet points. I'm not saying it's their fault since I'm an Old that doesn't have the pulse on the World Wide Web like I did a decade ago. But these gems are too damn good to be sitting on YouTube with less than 100 million views. 

Every time I thought that McGregor video peaked in quality or absurdity, it hit went up 5 more levels. Just absolute gold by someone that has more talent in their mouse finger than I have in my entire body. So shout out Vidgeo for making the videos of the first ever (and maybe last ever) Saturday Morning Must Watch.