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Wynton Bernard Telling His Mom He Got The Call To The Big Leagues After Spending a Decade in the Minors Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

Who the hell is cutting onions in this dusty room? 

Baseball is a motherfucker man. Wynton Bernard was a 35th round pick back in 2012. He played in basically every form of pro ball you can think of besides the big leagues. We're talking independent ball to all levels of the minors to winter ball in various countries like Australia and Venezuela. This man has been on the grind for a decade just waiting for the call that he was coming up to the big leagues. 863 games, 11 seasons, 11 clubs and 5 organizations. 99% of players would have given up and just moved onto some other career. Well goddamn the perseverance paid off as Bernard finally got his moment. The first person he called to tell the news to? His mom of course. If that phone call doesn't make you smile and get a little lump in your throat then you feel nothing. Here's Bernard talking more about the journey before the game last night. 

So how'd his debut go? Well, with mom in attendance Bernard electrified the crowd recording a hit, stolen base, and a run scored. Finally the Rockies did something good for a change. 

Afterwards he stayed to sign as many autographs as the fans wanted. I don't blame him, you gotta soak in that moment as much as you can. I'd never wanna leave that field.

What a tremendous baseball moment.