Poker Is A Sick, Sick Game When You're Never Completely Out Of It


What a god damn hand from the Lodge down in Texas. I love when hand like this happen on stream, because we make jokes about how "online poker is rigged" but the same shit happens live too. You just see so many more hands online that it feels like it happens more often, but in reality it's all the same (unless you play some janky app game where it is rigged for action). 

And this hand from the Lodge, woah mamma. Just a good ol' fashioned 2% underdog to the full scoop.




The KQ drawing as thin as possible here. But the poker gods work in mysterious ways.



The A9 is still an 89% favorite to win with one card to come anddddddd…




That's how you punish a nit-roll baby. Love when justice prevails over evil.


Reminds me of this hand from a while back. This one you gotta watch the whole thing to believe:



Poker is the best. Sometimes the worst. But also the best.


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