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If You Win They Will Come: The Orioles Have Already Had More Fans Attend Games In 2022 Than They Did In All Of 2021

Well would you look at this, the Orioles have already had more fans come through the gates in 2022 than they did in all their games in 2021. Crazy what winning does to a fanbase. Obviously the attendance numbers have been awful since 2016, downright bad. But when you're in a rebuild that is what happens. This was the season we thought we'd see some improvement from the O's, we didn't think a realistic shot at the playoffs would be this soon though. 

The Orioles have played unreal baseball at home this season, with a record of 33-21 including 16-4 in their last 20. That will bring the crowds out. This just shows that fans are digging what is happening in Baltimore- they're believing in Adley Rutschman, they're believing in Cedric Mullins, they're believing in Ryan Mountcastle, they're believing that this team is going to be very good very soon. They had 41K last Saturday vs the Pirates and had some unreal homestands last month. I'm sure seeing a full crowd of ORIOLES fans and not half Yankees or Red Sox fans gets these guys juiced up. I fully expect to see the crowds keeping going up too, as this team is right there in the Wild Card race, there's a legit chance they host the Wild Card series at home too. This city deserves a winner and they're showing why.

The article says they're expected to double their attendance from last year, which is something. They're already at 820,000 through 48 games and they had 793,229 in all of 2021, so they should fly by that doubled number. It is a testament to the team, the organization, and the fans. We bitched for years that we wanted a winner, no one wanted to come to games, and now they are winning and people are showing up in droves. Camden Yards is unreal when it's packed, Baltimore is a baseball town and you're seeing it. This is only the beginning of a hell of a run.