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Jeff Bezos' Bid To Take Over The World Continues As Amazon Will Reportedly Start Streaming An NFL Game On Black Friday

Patrick McDermott. Getty Images.

SBJ- The NFL will expand its schedule to include a Black Friday game, most likely starting with the 2023 season, several sources told SBJ. Amazon will stream the game. Neither the NFL nor Amazon would comment on this story. 

The NFL has considered expanding its schedule to include a game on the Friday after Thanksgiving for years -- though the idea has had some opposition inside the NFL. Those concerns have been addressed and the league is moving forward with plans to hold a Black Friday game in 2023. It’s possible that the league will wait until 2024 to schedule that first game, but all signs point to 2023 for the first one.

FUCK. YES. I have spent God knows how many Black Fridays blindly staring at whatever meh college football is on TV as I mindlessly shove Thanksgiving leftovers down my throat. Well it appears Jeff Bezos fixed that problem like he fixed the cardboard industry's financial swoon or having to wait more than TWO WHOLE DAYS for a package containing items that have absolutely no correlation to each other.

Now we have a delicious course of NFL football as we nurse ourselves back from our food coma as we shop all the great Black Friday deals on the Barstool Store. Yeah I'm here pumping our Black Friday sale in the middle of August. Can someone tell Portnoy?

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I remember Bird Box being a massive hit on Twitter despite nobody really liking it because everyone watched it around Christmas Break when they had nothing to do and it led to a couple of decent memes. There is no reason that same line of thinking can't lead to the Black Friday game leading to massive ratings (outside of the Boomers who are going to have no idea how to watch Thursday Night Football either) since we've finally evolved as a species to shopping online for all our shit instead of trying to kill a stranger over a $200 50" TV.

As for the actual game, I don't care who plays. You could put on the Rams, the Raiders, or the fucking Jaguars. I just know I'll be watching and so will everyone else as the NFL moves one step closer to every day of the week being an NFL game day, because you knowwww that's Goodell's master plan in all this.

P.S. I know Bezos stepped down from Amazon or some shit years ago. But that dude is forever pulling the strings of Amazon and you cannot convince me otherwise.