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Turkish Black Bear Was Dummied And Dazed After Guzzling Hallucinogenic Honey In The Back Of A Pickup Truck

That dude is FUCKED up. He's just completely out of his mind. Been there tbh. And, from the looks of it, our guy here has scurried up a few tree trunks to taste a tiny smackeral of honey. He fucking loves it. Why wouldnt ya? It's a Friday afternoon, we are nearing the end of summer, and sometimes you wanna just wet that whistle with a little nectar from nature's best sugar source. Talkin honey. Honey highs are great. Whether you are eating some thc honey or you are doing some trippin off the type of honey our pal here found, it's a good day. It's a good time. It's high honey and I'm glad our friend here found some just kinda wish he would have shared. 

That being said, I hope he doesn't have a problem. As I watch more and more, it appears as though we have what we call in the biz a cry for help. What happened to this bear? Who hurt him? Is it economic striff? Is it sociopolitical indifference from his country's leadership? Is it the educational divide that is holding him back from doing something with his life besides getting all hopped up on honey hops? I hope he gets the help he needs. Sure, having your honey and getting high too is fun for a season but eventually you have to make your immaturity hibernate and focus on your responsibilities. But, who am I to judge? Certainly not a judge. So, I'll just say I hope it was as delicious and fun as it appeared. You deserve that, high bear. You really do.