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Paige Spiranac Straight Up Murdered a Troll by Bringing Her Smokeshow Mom to a Twitter Fight

Paige Spiranac has rapidly become one of the best in the online game, due to a lot of reasons on display in the image above. But also through her fearlessness and mercilessness. Whether it's besting her Instagram Golf Model rivals in a multiple-front girl fight:

Or her latest victory, a first round knockout of a Twitter troll that had him quickly delete his account and go into hiding, the defeat was so one-sided. In this case, because Paige had the Ultimate Weapon. 

It began, as these things do, un-innocently enough. Under a video she posted, someone went right to Page 1 in the Socially Awkward, Sexually Frustrated Incel Playbook and ungrammatically questioned her talents with, “Let’s see how your [sic] doing in 20yrs from now with out [sic] your looks." 

To which Spiranac brought out the big guns. Belonging to her mom Annette:

And here is where the war escalated. Someone fired back at her. So she dropped a thermonuclear Annette Bomb and reduced their city to ashes:

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There is no coming back from this kind of annihilation. For she is Annette Spiranac, destroyer of worlds. If you question Paige's looks or her ability to age well and 60 year old Annette happens to you, it's best to just let your civilization be consumed by the radioactive desert. 

And for any gentleman in Spiranac the Younger's life, I suggest you do the thing a lot of guys don't do, which is to take a good, long, assessment of the mom and extrapolate. Far too many single guys get engaged without fully appreciating that they're marrying their mother-in-law's genes. That is, until it's too late. If this is what a future with the daughter will be like in a few decades, now would be the best time to lock her in at today's rates. 

Consider it an investment in your future that 60 year old you will thank you for. 

And for everyone trying to clap at Paige, you'd be wise to leave Annette out of the discussion. That's a fight you can't win.