Nathaniel Hackett's Son Once Complimented Blake Bortles On The Size Of His Weiner

On today's Pardon My Take... NATHANIEL HACKETT! The Head Coach of the Denver Broncos joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter live from training camp on today's show to discuss his career path to getting to this point, his passion for Star Wars and Austin Powers, and much more. Hackett also happened to be the Offensive Coordinator in Jacksonville a few years ago. 

Yes, that was the same time that the one and only Blake Bortles was under center for the Jaguars. The two of them got to know each other pretty well, and let's just say, a little too well. I'll let this story give away the details that includes one of the best compliments that Bortles has received in his life:

Mr. Cat: I told you before that I texted Blake and said that we are going to be interviewing you. Would you like me to read the text messages he sent back?

Nathaniel Hackett: This could be very exciting right now.

Mr. Cat: He sent me two text messages, one is great, the other is... you would never expect the other one. The is very Blake.

Nathaniel Hackett: Ehhh, we've been through a lot, me and Blake. 

Mr. Cat: The first message was, "What a legend, he's my hero."

Nathaniel Hackett: Yes!

Mr. Cat: Okay, the second message was, "One time, his youngest son told me I had a big weiner. Top three compliments in my life."

Nathaniel Hackett: That was one of the greatest moments, I would say, of my life also. 

Mr. Cat: It's just so Blake.

Nathaniel Hackett: Well, the great thing was, it was so simple, it was so beautiful.

Mr. Commenter: His weiner? 

Nathaniel Hackett: You know, when you're out there, you got the family tents, right? And the kids are so excited to come out. I mean, I remember as a kid growing up, when dad was done coaching, you know, you just want to go hug dad and see dad. So, my kids were there, and they were so excited, and they know Blake really well. And they love Blake, and my kid at that time, he was perfect height for the…

Mr. Cat: Crotch height.

Nathaniel Hackett: And he sees Blake, and he just, we're talking full head of steam, just running and running. And Blake's like, "Oh God, what do I do?!" And kind of like was right here. And he just runs right into his happy spot, and it was just like a bounce off, and just this innocent, just… "WOW! YOU HAVE A HUGE…" And Blake is like, "You are my favorite person in the world. Thank you."


Mr. Cat: I'm so happy you remember this. 

Nathaniel Hackett: Oh, how do you forget something like that?! It was absolutely fantastic, because it was just totally innocent, oh, like wants to hug. Blake's got his helmet, "Oh, what do I do.. ohhhh." And it was that awkward moment and everybody's just like, "That's beautiful!" Yeah, that was a great moment in football.

Mr. Cat: Top three moment in his life. 

Nathaniel Hackett: I would say that was pretty spectacular to be a part of.

If this isn't an A+ Blake Bortles story, I don't know what is. And the craziest part is that Nathaniel Hackett still remembers all of the details of what had occurred to this day. Coach Hackett seems like a very easy guy to root for, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the Denver Broncos make a run in 2022.