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Stop Messing With Perfection: The NCAA Tournament Doesn't Need A 'Fresh Look' And Sure As Shit Doesn't Need To Expand To 80 Teams

[Source] - Southeastern Conference commissioner Greg Sankey, probably the most influential person in college athletics, said Thursday he wants to take “a fresh look” at the NCAA men’s basketball tournament—perhaps with an eye toward expansion of the current 68-team field.

Sankey cautions that he is “not ready to make headlines there yet.” But he also is open to conversations about a Big Dance that doesn’t exclude small-conference champions while potentially including more teams.

One potential method of expansion—which was not raised by Sankey—would be to have a quartet of First Fours, one at each region. That would increase the total number of bids from 68 to 80.

What in the living hell are we doing here? We're talking about the NCAA Tournament right? The one single thing that everyone agrees on. That 3 week stretch of perfection. You know what we don't need? 80 goddamn teams in this thing. If anything it needs to go back to 64. 32 auto bids and 32 at-large bids.

Think your team got snubbed? Tough. Don't lose a bunch of games. Pretty simple math here. I never feel bad for the first team out. They were average. I think arguing seeds is way more important than who should be in. Win your conference tournament or have a better season. Again, not that difficult to understand here. 

Even dumber? Comparing it to the college World Series: 

As an example, he mentions the 2022 College World Series baseball championship, which was won by SEC member Mississippi—the last team into the 64-team field.

Not even remotely close to the same thing. Also 64-team field. There's your giveaway. That's the perfect number. I can't believe how many blogs I have to write screaming about the NCAA Tournament. 

I don't get it man. How can anyone in power look around and think this is what needs change. I only half joke when I say I need to be commissioner of college basketball. I'm not 90% serious. Put me in charge. The NCAA Tournament will stay. That's basically my only platform and biggest platform. 

By far the dumbest idea yet. LEAVE IT ALONE 

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