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A Rogue Bottle of Human Stinky Piss Fell From A Crane And Mollywhopped A Construction Worker Unconscious

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A BUILDER was knocked unconscious when he was hit with a bottle of pee which dropped from a 50-metre crane.

The man, who was part of a team of builders working on a new health centre in Worthing, was taken to hospital.

He is now recovering at home.

An eyewitness said the worker was out cold after the bottle hit him on the head.

“Somebody in the crane did something they’re not supposed to,” the witness said.

Sussex Police said the Health and Safety Executive will be investigating the incident.

For years and years, I have stressed the importance of the proper disposal of piss. You cant just get in your crane, head to the top, get to 50 meters in the air (talkin 150 feet), and just toss that shit over your should like you were continental soldiers whose ears were hanging low and wobbling to and fro just a waitin to be tied in a knot or bow. You cant. If you do, someone could fucking die. In fact, someone did almost die. Whoa. 


Luckily for us, our friend here was just knocked out like that bottle of piss was given clear and unmistakable instructions by its mom informing the bottle of piss to knock the man out. Momma said to. What else can you do?

Well, you could piss in the toilet or the sink. You could climb down and go to a local starbucks and piss there. You could do any number of things. Hell, you could even rip a hot one into a bottle and then keep that bottle right there by your feet until you were able to properly dispose of that piss. You don't have to throw it. You don't have to drop it. The only thing you had to do was piss. Everything else, seemingly, is a fuck up that resulted in a possible traumatic brain injury for someone who was just trying to work and not get knocked out by pee but I guess that's too much to ask in Joe Biden's UK. SMH.