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Leader: Pete Carroll Took Over As Scout-Team Quarterback, Firmly In The Mix For QB1 Over Drew Lock And Geno Smith

Hey, I don't blame Pete here. If my team had Drew Lock and Geno Smith in a QB1 competition, I'd think about inserting myself too. We've seen Pete launch the ball before: 

*Tua jots down notes on how to throw the spiral

But you know what? Pete is a crazy son of a bitch. He might be crazy enough to think about getting a couple reps in during preseason. He doesn't have *that* much longer as a coach right? Dude is already 70 years old. Is he going to go through a complete rebuild that doesn't really have an end in sight? 

I need him to get a couple reps in. That's how you get my attention to preseason football. I don't need to see Jacob Eason for 3 quarters. Give me a couple of series with Pete Carroll in full gear barking out plays. Let's see what he's truly made of. 

I can't believe the Seahawks are really going from Russ to a QB room of Geno Smith and Drew Lock. Just doesn't make sense in the year 2022 that those are your two best options.