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This Broncos/Cowboys Kerfuffle Is A Good Reminder To Never Be At The Bottom Of The Pile During A Fight

Ah the standard football training camp kerfuffle. Not a fight. Not a brawl. Maybe a scrum. But this is a larger point. There are two different plays, two different kerfuffles. You can't be on the bottom of the pile. I know people like to say low man wins. That's simply not the case here. Both guys have the same outcome and sure as shit doesn't look fun. 

Here's the biggest thing. You can't have some fatso like Zeke laying on top of you. If you're going to get into a slap fight you gotta have some ground to stand on. These guys know what they are doing. They pin you down and just push. You're fighting with linemen, who are pretty high on my list of people I don't want to fight. I think in order it goes:

1. Eastern Europeans

2. People with cauliflower ear

3. Rugby players

Think that's a pretty solid top-3. 

Also laugh out loud funny seeing these guys try to fight wearing those guardian caps. I get they are for safety and hey all for that. Don't break your brain playing football please. But seeing giant mushroom tops starting to scrap is fucking hilarious. Gotta be a better look than those things.