It's Absurd How Many Simpletons Blindly Agree With Brandon Walker's Idiotic Tweet About Kentucky

A night later and I'm still livid. I like Brandon Walker. He's one of my favorite people to shoot the shit with when I'm in the office and discuss sports. I tend to think he's a relatively smart guy when it comes to stuff like that - unless a Dozen Championship is on the line. Then he collapses. 

This is the lowest hanging fruit take in sports and arguably one of the dumbest. John Calipari holding Kentucky back? I'm sorry. Maybe Brandon doesn't fully grasp the English language in terms of what holding back means. Maybe he's confusing John Calipari for someone like, oh, I don't know, Billy Gillispie. That's someone who holds Kentucky back. 

There are so many moving parts with his argument. The comparison to Nick Saban is just dumb. No one should compare the two. Nick Saban is arguably the greatest college coach to ever live - no matter the sport. He's on the short list for greatest sports coaches of all time. Then there's the 'rip off three to four titles if they had a real coach.' 

Unbelievably stupid. Mind-numbingly stupid. 6 coaches in the history of college basketball have won 3 titles. Bob Knight, Jim Calhoun, Adolph Rupp, Roy Williams, K and John Wooden (arguably the biggest cheater in the history of the game). That's it. That's the list. Who is coming to Kentucky and rattling off 3-4 national championships? No one. There's no one in college basketball that currently has that capability. Bill Self is the only active coach with multiple titles and it took 19 years at Kansas (amid the NCAA investigation). 

Should Cal have more than 1 title? Yeah, he should. But any thought that he should be winning like every other year is so dumb you can't even have a discussion with those people. The years that they truly left something out was 2010, 2015 and 2017. An Elite Eight loss where they shot roughly 7% from three. A Final Four loss. A loss at the buzzer in the Elite Eight. That's the NCAA Tournament. 

There's no shtick here. This is not being a homer. Two things can be true. Cal is great at Kentucky, Cal should have 1 more title. No one with a brain thinks Kentucky should win a title every year. It's the fucking NCAA Tournament. Learn how it works one time before you try to fire off tweets about it. And spare me the St. Peter's talk. You know who else lost to 15 seeds? K, Izzo, Boeheim, Lute Olson. It's embarrassing but it happens. It doesn't define a coach or shit like that. 

Cal has been at Kentucky for 13 seasons. It took Roy Williams 21 years to win two titles at Kansas and UNC. Was he holding Kansas back after 13 years? Of course not. Also the laziest take is 'Cal lands the best recruits, so he should automatically win.' What about Duke when they do this? What about Memphis? What about UNC? They have the same amount of titles as Kentucky since Cal took over. Did Roy hold them back? 

Like I said, Cal needs one more title. He needs to get that second without Anthony Davis. But Brandon Walker had one of the dumbest tweets these eyes have seen. There's no holding back Kentucky. There's no helping out other blue bloods by having Calipari there. 

Fucking idiots. 

PS: He's right about Stoops though. Stoops is a great coach.