Find Out How Daniel Vogelbach Got His Nickname and Who Decided on "Milkshake" for His Walk Up Song - We Gotta Believe Interview

Yesterday, the most captivating player in Major League Baseball walked into Barstool Sports HQ for an interview with the We Gotta Believe Podcast. It wasn't Ronald Acuna Jr., Juan Soto or Shohei Ohtani, it was a 6'0 270 pound New York Mets deadline acquisition Daniel Vogelbach.

Since joining the Mets on July 22nd, Vogelbach aka "Sexy Bach" has scored 15 Runs, had 10 RBI with a .341 BA over the course of 15 games.  If you don't think that's enough right there to steal the hearts of Mets fans everywhere, just watch the big fella run the bases:


We haven't seen a Met become a fan favorite as quickly as Vogy has since our beloved Bartolo Colon, a fellow unit himself, joined the team in 2014. From jiggling his belly in the dugout to the MAGICAL story of his first and only home run, watching Bartolo aka "Big Sexy" was as good as it gets. It has been almost 6 years since Bartolo threw his last pitch at Citi Field so you could only imagine how pumped me and the We Gotta Believe boys were when we found out we had a new triple XL in Flushing.

Vogy has immediately proven he shared similar enchanting traits to Big Sexy, with quotes such as “I hit my home runs in bunches, just like I get my donuts”, coming to bat to "Milkshake", and heavily contributing to a 15-2 Mets record since his arrival. With all this in mind, I had the highest of expectations when meeting Vogy after he reached out to come on the show.

And oh boy, did he deliver.

Vogy explained to us how the energy within the Mets clubhouse is special; why Francisco Lindor isn't just good but "PERFECT", and my personal favorite; receiving the nickname "Big Problem", from his lifelong friends. He expressed his love for Florida Gator football and once PUNCHED A WHOLE IN HIS TV when they were losing to Georgia in the first half. Now that's how you get a nickname "Big Problem". Vogy was as captivating from behind the mic as he is on the diamond, and with every story he told, I fell more and more in love with the guy. 

Since the interview premiered yesterday around 6pm, the response from listeners has been overwhelmingly positive, and that's coming from Mets fans, the most negative fanbase in the world! 

I've said it since the end of April: THIS TEAM IS DIFFERENT and adding a guy like Vogelbach to the squad is just another reason to believe in these guys. 

So if you're a Mets fan or of the game in general, tune into this episode and make sure you subscribe to the We Gotta Believe YouTube channel for the best Mets content throughout the rest of the season.