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The NFL Is #BACK (And So Are Awful Taunting Penalties Called By The Refs)

Surely putting your arms out cannot be the reason this taunting penalty was called. Let's take a look at the play from another angle!

Son of a bitchhhhhhhh.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THAT RULE MR. MARA!!! Excuse me, John Mara. The Giants have to be above .500 for at least one second of the season, which they haven't done since the 2016 SEASON, before John Mara gets a greeting back in his name. 

Even then, I'm not sure he deserves it for bringing this taunting rule into our lives, which he means he deserves to have to see flags fly every time a Giant smiles, which is going to make a Giants win even harder to come by even though they are as easy to find as a Choco Taco. Don't get me wrong, the refs throwing laundry on that play is preposterous. However, if the penalty exists, the referees will find a way to fuck it up. It's nice we got that reminder in the first quarter of preseason instead of a big moment of Week 1.

Good thing NFL owners know how to police a game since they know more about football than this guy on the other sideline tonight.

P.S. I am sooooooo happy I don't have to run laps because a Giants player fucked up, even though I could clearly use the cardio.