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STOP FIGHTING. WE'RE ON THE SAME TEAM - Football Coaches Are Freaking Out Out On Coach Cal Because He Said UK Is A Basketball School

Here's the comment and quote that has the two things I love the most in the world fighting. Kentucky football obviously taking some anger in Cal saying UK is a basketball school. 

Son of a bitch. This is not what I needed today. Not when I have my golf league tonight and a title to retain. Not when I have to go to the hospital this weekend with my second son being born. I need everyone to calm down and understand what's going on here.

Kentucky is a basketball school. Let's not be dumb here. There are basketball schools - Kentucky, UNC, Duke, Indiana, UCLA, Kansas, Arizona, Maryland, etc. They are basketball schools. It's what they are known for. They can be good at football, but it's basketball first. Obviously there are football schools. THIS ISN'T NEW GODDAMNIT.

It's not a crazy statement. Obviously I get that the football coaches don't want to hear that, but come on. He's not lying and he's not diminishing what Stoops has done. 

Now I got idiots stirring it up even more on Twitter. THINK ABOUT ME GUYS. 

Plus Cal is saying this so he can get his new practice facility. It's pretty obvious and not singled out to Kentucky. This happens everywhere. I can't have my guys arguing. Won't have it. Don't make me drive down there and organize some sort of meeting where we all figure it out together guys. 

Both guys are good! I need them to understand that. They work hand-in-hand. When both programs are good, it's easier to bring in money and recruits. PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE DAMNIT. I just need everyone to calm down and realize we're all on the same team and it's fuck Louisville.