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Nick Turani Is the Official Repo Man For The Barstool Merch Store

On the last episode of the Bracket, we broke down the best things in life under $5 with the KFC radio boys. One of Nick's submissions that made the bracket was 1 of the 2 installments you can pay to own a Deion Sanders Sports Durag from the Barstool Sports Store. How much is that, you ask? Right about 4.0 after S&H. This topic lead us to the discussion of what would happen if that second installment never came in? Does barstool have leg breakers or repo men that go out and collect? 

Well you first repo man in barstool history is gonna be the one and only Nick Turani. Late on a SAFTB flag payment? He will be at your door with a baseball bat. Needed to use the money on medication? You're waking up with a horses head in your sheets. Pull a Steven Cheah and just forget all-together? Well you can put your affairs in order now cause you're not surviving the week.

You can watch the full ep above or listen below.