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Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder: Kevin Durant And James Harden Are Already Working Out Together Again

Don't ask me how, but I've just received some exclusive footage of the moment James Harden and Kevin Durant broke up last season. 

If I were better at the internet, I'd edit Durant's face on to Happy Gilmore and James Harden on to the girlfriend. Because it's as clear as the day is long that Kevin Durant never wanted to lose James Harden. He never wanted that breakup to happen. Especially because he never wanted to be stuck on a roster with two of the most broken brains in the NBA with Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons. But he knew that James Harden just needed some time and some space, and hopefully he'd be able to get him back some day. 

And now it seems like Kevin Durant is doing everything he can to get himself to Philly to play with the Beard again. He even took a page right out of the James Harden School Of Causing Havoc Within An Organization To Force Your Way Out Of Town playbook. He gave the Nets a ridiculous ultimatum, and more or less said to make the deal happen with Philly. 

Some other shitty team was thrown into the mix as well, but we all know where option 1 would be for KD. And now the two of these guys are just gallivanting across Europe together. They're traveling to London together to see a show. They're training together in Barcelona. They're having the best summer ever together. It's just like every other romance movie ever where the main characters get back together in the end. It may have been a messy breakup there for a minute, but distance makes the heart grow fonder. 

The only thing I'm not fond of is the idea of giving up Tyrese Maxey for Kevin Durant. That one is going to hurt like a bitch. But either way, you make that move 11 out of 10 times. I love Tyrese Maxey and I think he's the perfect fit to be a Philly sports icon. But it's Kevin Durant we're talking about here. It's Kevin Durant. 

Do the deal, Daryl. 

Sidenote: It's going to be so weird when the Nets starting 5 halfway through next season is just all former Sixers.