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Ring Girl Season Has Returned

Voting for our RNR18 Ring Girls has begun on RingGirlVote.com and although the lovely Sara won't be there this time we do have 20+ girls that Tommy Smokes will be covering SOON in his illustrious blog handicapping the entire field. 

I don't think he has odds on which girl is most likely to break her ankle walking around the ring but we should probably add that for next time. These RNR boots are made for... well, I'm not actually sure?

But they are SPECTACULAR. And speaking of spectacle, we will have multiple ring girls that are also fighting on the card including all 4'7'' of LITTLE JESS who just recorded an interview with Glenny Balls for OnlyStans. We're making history at RNR18 folks!

No Jell-O Wrestling this time around but I am open to any ideas for the grand finale of the live contest. Maybe we'll call in The Milkman from the bullpen for one last ride..

But either way fingers crossed the nipple bikini makes a comeback on August 19th. And everyone goes home happy. 

Preorder the PPV on BuyRNR.com for 20 fights, ring girl contest, Alex Bennett + Coach Duggs fighting and more. And since you've been so darn kind making it this far, here's some more of the lovely Sara… See you next Friday night

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