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The Browns Are Considering Trading For Jimmy G If And When Deshaun Watson's Suspension Increases

Good. That's my take on this. Actually, scratch that, my take on this is GREAT. Because aside from instantly making the Browns the hottest Head Coach / QB combo in the league, Jimmy G has already shown he can successfully manage a team with a strong run game and excellent defense. And most importantly, looking ahead to January and February, he has big game experience. Because the fact of the matter is that the Browns roster is too damn talented to allow a back-up QB to lead this team. Jacoby Brissett is literally the perfect fill-in if Deshaun Watson serves the 6 games that the independent arbitrator recommended, but if Deshaun Watson gets suspended for more than the 6 games that the independent arbitrator recommended, we need to improve at the most important position in the game. This is a Super Bowl caliber roster, and Jimmy G has proven that he can take a team just like this to the big game. Been to 2 of the last 3 NFC Championships, including a Super Bowl, with a roster not as talented as this one. He can do this, and we should do this.

So the question is not if we should acquire Jimmy G, the question is how we will. People are saying we just sent the entirety of our next 4 drafts to the Texans just to be allowed to pay Deshaun Watson $230 million, who may I remind you, will likely not be playing this year. But I think that's a little hyperbole. Yes, we traded 3 straight 1st rounders, but that's not what it takes to get Jimmy G these days is it? The 49ers have to be in the same boat as the Browns were with Baker, right? Where he's more of a distraction to stay on the roster, so they're willing to eat some cost. Let's send them a 4th or 5th, agree to split some of that $27 million he's owed this year (even though we COULD afford the whole thing if needed), and get this done as soon as Roger Goodell's puppet announces that he in fact agrees precisely with the 1 year suspension that Roger Goodell is calling for.