Justice: West Ham Is Threatening To Sue The Owners Of London Stadium If They Don't Make Beer Prices Cheaper For The Next Match

[Source] - WEST HAM are reportedly ready to sue the owners of the London Stadium if beer prices are not reduced for their next home match.

The cheapest pint of beer was a startling £7.30 for the Hammers' opening Premier League game of the season against Manchester City on Sunday - a price which left home supporters furious.

According to The Mail, West Ham, who do not own the London Stadium, are willing to go to court over the issue.

In order to safeguard food and drink costs - which West Ham do not profit from - the club have a deal which ensures their prices should be the mean of those at Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs.

This is how you win your fans over. Now, to be fair, these should stop whining. That or come over here to America and see how much a pint of beer costs you. Ready to pay like $15 and be limited to 2 at a time? That'll teach you to complain about a nice deal over there. But this is a smart play by West Ham. Everyone is blasting them - even though it's not their fault - for having this expensive menu. So you threaten the people who did it and even pull the court card. It's brilliant. 

We're talking $8.92 here. That's what google tells me the conversion works to at least. Pretty nice to get it to down 5 pounds and call it a day. Seems cheap, not that I've been to England and can say I know exactly what beer costs there. 

But you know I'm trying to be positive here. Too often we hear about shitty owners - hell, just look at the Glazers. This is a positive blog. This is about fighting for what's right. That's letting your fans get blasted for a reasonable price. Not like the profit goes to them anyways - at least according to that report. This is how you at least make Europa League. Good juju and good vibes all around. 

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