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A Mickey Mantle Card Just Dethroned The Infamous Honus Wagner As The Most Expensive Card Ever Sold At Auction- $7.4 Million And Still Going Up

Matt Dirksen/Colorado Rockies. Getty Images.


Mickey Mantle. Legend of the game. Best known for getting a blow job under the bleachers at Yankee Stadium.





So it makes sense why his rookie card is now the highest selling card of all time. Think Honus Wagner ever busted in a chick's mouth in the 4th inning of a game? For sure not. And now Mickey is doing a victory lap, with his card becoming the new holy grail of baseball collectibles.


RobReport - The “finest known” example of Mickey Mantle’s first baseball card isn’t just going to break the record for most expensive sports card, it could completely shatter it.

Bidding for a 9.5-grade copy of the Commerce Comet’s 1952 Topps card that is being sold by Heritage Auctions has already hit $6.2 million, or $7.4 million when you include the buyer’s premium. The total price beats the previous record by $125,000, and with two weeks left in the auction seems guaranteed to climb even higher.

“The Rosen Find” unseats a 2-grade T-206 Honus Wagner that sold for $7.25 million in a private sale last week as the most valuable sports card of all time. We’ll now have to wait and see how much this 1952 Mantle beats the old record by. Before Heritage’s auction kicked off on July 25, there had been speculation that bidding could reach $10 million.


Suck it, Honus! What kind of god damn name is Honus, anyway? Insane name. I also didn't realize how good he was, if we're being completely honest. 



Hysterical 722 SB and 15 caught. I guess it makes sense, catchers spent all day in the coal mines back then, they couldn't possibly throw the ball from home to 2nd. But I don't see any stat on if Honus got a blowie mid game, so maybe he shoulda been a little better, just saying.