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Tommy Lee Is Posting Selfies With His Dick Out (On Purpose) On Instagram And Facebook

Tommy Lee went FULL frontal on Instagram ... leaving some fans who never saw "that tape" aghast!

The 59-year-old doesn't have a shy bone in his body ... uploading the snap Thursday while chillin' in a tub.

It's unique ... most people who see pics of Tommy first notice all the tats, but the eye can drift in situations like this, right?

Pam Anderson's ex captioned the pic, "Ooooopppsss." Yeah, we're not buying that either.

There were lots of comments ... his wife, Brittany Furlan, responded, "OH MY GOD," while comedian Ryan Sickler replied, "Does the camera add 5 lbs?"

Dating app Grindr jumped on the train ... "Wrong app, babe."

Tommy Lee out here reminding us that his dick is huge! Bold move! As if we forgot! Does Tommy Lee have one of the most famous dicks in the world? I remember watching the Pam Anderson roast on Comedy Central and every single comedian brought up her sex tape with Tommy and the size of his dick. They almost go hand in and at this point - when you think of Tommy Lee, it's a toss up on what you think of first. Motley Crue? Or his giant dick? It's not every day that we see male celebrities uploading sexy photos onto the apps that don't allow nudity. Usually its women getting in trouble for their nipples, or for twerking too close to the camera. Tommy is out here breaking barriers and letting it all out there. Good for him?

(His whole dick is on Twitter but I'm not going to put that in the blog because it feels like I'd get in trouble for that. You can go looking for yourself)