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Business As Usual: Ridiculous Dunks To Humiliate All Of The Dominican Republic And Kentucky Winning By 52

Goddamn it feels good to be back. A nice little August treat to see the Cats down in the Bahamas and figuring shit out. Then again it was business as usual. Winning by 52, dunking all over the entire Dominican Republic. 

Laugh out loud that Cal just didn't give a fuck. Get back to running guys. 

This is exactly what I needed to see. A different team. A team that can defend and switch everywhere. A team that has some shooters (finally). A star in Oscar, the ho-hum reigning NPOY. Get that shitty taste of St. Peter's out of my mouth and get ready for another top-10 team. 

Sure, I know it was the Dominican Select Team. Guys like Andres Feliz (Illinois), Justin Minaya (Providence) and Adonis De La Rosa (Illinois) were all on the team. So they were playing at least guys people know. Still a win by 52. Still have Damion Collins taking a jump. 

Back, baby. 

Let's watch it again: