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A List Of The Hottest Team In Sports: The Orioles, The Dodgers And Canadian Pole Vaulting

Yeah I know the Phillies are hot too but fuck them. I stand with my Mets brothers because I know misery. I'm an Orioles fan. Willingly. It's been fun lately but most of my baseball life is miserable. That's what is making this year so damn fun. Out of nowhere. Not supposed to be good. Traded the guys at the deadline and still in the hunt for a wild card spot. They are fun, they are good. The Dodgers are always good so who gives a shit. 

But you see this is all a tie-in to the Canadian Pole Vault team. Robin Bone and Alysha Newman specifically: 

Answer: The Orioles. We still have Bautista's Omar's entrance, Brandon Hyde and Adley.