Deshaun Watson Will Start Tomorrow Night's Preseason Game Vs. The Jaguars

It's time to shit or get off the pot, NFL.

You clearly don't want to see Deshaun Watson suit up in a Browns uniform this year, and you are now 24 hours from seeing him do so. While Sue L. Robinson had ample amounts of time to pour over the testimonies and documents to make her decision that you threw away like a piece of trash, your hired puppet only has one more day to make his Roger Goodell's ruling. Either suspend him indefinitely today, or watch the entire world burn tomorrow as highlights are released of him warming up and taking the first snap of the game.

And honestly, regardless of how you feel about Deshaun, you have to admit this was a strong chess move by the Browns organization. Never thought I'd ever be able to say this, but that was a shrewd decision by the front office. They need to know their quarterback situation to properly prepare for the season, and time is running out. Does Jacoby Brissett need to be ready to lead the Browns for just the first 6 games (4 of which are sweet chocolate cake), or does he need to be ready to be the full-time starter for all 17? And if that's the case, does Jimmy G need a copy of our playbook?

The fact of the matter is that the Browns are being held hostage by the NFL right now. And before everyone hops down my throat, again, relax. I'm not saying we should induct Deshaun into the Hall of Fame of Great People, or that I am okay with what he did, or even that I don't wish the Browns could go back in time and not take on this circus. But we've got a football season to prepare for and we're currently not being allowed to do that. And once again, before you all fire back at me, let us not forget we were one of 14 teams vying for Deshaun's services. Everyone wanted him. The Browns fans were just the unlucky ones who got them, for a mere $230 million and 3 first round picks.