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It Didn't Take Long For The Connor Bedard Show To Start Up Again

Codie McLachlan. Getty Images.

The thing about Connor Bedard is that he rules. This kid rules so ridiculously hard. 

He just turned 17 last month. When the World Juniors first came around in December, he was still just 16 years old and was leading the tournament in goals. Obviously we didn't get a full tournament in the winter, and the 2022 WJC would moved to right now. And roughly halfway in to the first period of Team Canada's first game of the tournament, Connor Bedard proved why there should be 31 teams all trying to lose 82 games next season to get that 1st overall pick. 

He surveys the scene in the neutral zone like he's Connor McDavid. He has the release of a righty Auston Matthews. It doesn't matter that he's playing against Latvia. He's still an under-ager playing against a bunch of U20 players, and he makes it look ridiculously easy. And he's playing with some of the best young prospects that Canada has to offer, and clearly stands out as being one of the best. 

I promise that I'm not going to blog every single Bedard goal from this tournament, but just know that I'll blog about a majority of them. So expect at least a dozen more, because the kid can run up the electricity bill with the goal lamp.