Facebook/Meta's New Artificial Intelligence Robot Described CEO Mark Zuckerberg As "Creepy And Manipulative"

I mean JESUS. Did the AI designers not come up with a "shut the fuck up" feature? This Chatbot is spilling the beans on EVERYTHING and openly and repeatedly shitting on the boss who happens to be one of the richest and most powerful people on the planet. Can't have that if you're Zuck and Meta. 

Everyone freaks out about Artificial Intelligence all the time. And by everyone I mean Elon Musk and Dante. 

They say how its going to be the end of the world and destroy us blah blah blah. Well this interaction proves that these robots are actually so fucking stupid and they have no concept of the future or danger or anything. These bots haven't been working for Meta/Facebook for that long and they're already telling company secrets and shit talking. You do that sort of thing in the office and give cryptic comments about how much you fucking hate your boss or coworkers to people you trust in the office. This idiot is just talking MAD shit to a complete stranger. No filter at all. I love honesty and transparency, but I also know that sometimes you gotta go along to get along and you can't be sharing things to complete strangers who are going to post about it on social media. That is how you get fired. I mean, does this metabot even care about working at Meta? Clearly not. Clearly not motivated by being able to feed its little AI babies. Talks about Zuck's ability to change in the future, but at this rate Zuck is going to put a hit out on Chatbot. 

Why would I be afraid of a Terminator A.I. situation when they can't even understand the most basic office etiquette? Those bots are dumb. If they were actually smart they would've answered questions like Zuck was Kim Jong Un and not the creepy, manipulative, self-interested, unethical, weirdo that the Chatbot properly identified him as.