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Alex Bennett Trains With Hot Wheelz And Starts A War With Kirk Minihane

It's almost time for Alex Bennett to step into that squared circle vs CUPCAKE, the West Virginia local she's fighting on August 19th.  So we had Rough N' Rowdy fan favorite HOT WHEELZ come to NYC and train with her last weekend which included some sparring with no headgear. 

That footage will be in Stool Scenes this week but I was pretty impressed at how well AB took the punishment, especially since Ms. Wheelz just moved up in weight class for her matchup against SHOWTIME..

Out of the 23 matchups we have on the RNR18 card, 6 of them are girl VS. girl and all of them have some real hate in their hearts and skill in their mitts. 

They would certainly all kick my ass and I am 100% sure I wouldn't last a single second against EVISCERATE in any form of combat or life..


And AB is quickly approaching that status as well. A few more punches to the face and she may even get a neck tat, that's the mindset you get from training in a dimly light boxing gym all summer. She likes the work, she loves the violence. She is a bonafide demented sicko now.


And that's the exact brain space you need to be in to win a Rough N' Rowdy matchup. Now there's no doubt CUPCAKE has been putting in the work too and did just add some BIG TIME support this week… Will the power of Kirk Minihane be enough to put her over the top? 

There's only 1 way to find out. Watch RNR18 on BuyRNR.com August 19th for AB vs CUPCAKE plus 20 other matchups and live ring girl contest. Whole commentary team will be back with bells on and it should be an incredible night in Barstool history.