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The Korean Call For Manny Machado's Walk Off Homer Last Night Was Nothing Short Of An Electric Factory

And just like that I'm standing. That call right there was so awesome I stood up. I don't mean to dismiss a Don Orsillo walk off call and discard it to the side, but my god the Korean broadcast really brought it last night for Machado's walk off bomb. The definition of electricity. Similar to how they show Rogan during huge UFC knockouts I need to see these guys in action when they lose their minds. I'm assuming they ripped off their clothes the moment the ball left Manny's bat. Korea has this going on meanwhile we actually tested out a broadcast this year with zero announcing for one of those Peacock morning games. They really aired a silent game for everyone to watch. Idiots. 

Get these guys on postseason games. I don't need Ernie Johnson whispering me to sleep for a TBS game in the divisional round. Nah, get me the Koreans. 


P.S. Don Orsillo really is as good as it gets. How did Boston let him walk? 

Idea, have Don and this Korean announcer do a game together.

P.P.S. Alternate cool angle here