The Worst Feeling At A Casino Is Looking Over At The Craps Table While They Have All The Fun




On the new episode of Cracking Aces we are joined by one of the best content creators in the game (and former Big Brother winner) Kevin Martin. He was an awesome guest, full of wit, wisdom, stories, and more. Loved shooting the shit with him for over and hour and we are going to do some poker content with him down the road. He was on my left for most of day 1 at the Main, and we discussed our time playing, evaluated our games, talked about playing cash vs tournies, the grind of poker content, Phil Hellmuth's dick, and more. Definitely recommend checking this one out, we had a lot of fun catching up with KMart.


While I was typing this blog Mintzy, who is finally kicking back and taking a well-earned vacation, flopped a god damn straight flush.



This fucking guy! He'd down in Cherokee NC playing the WSOP-Circuit stop. Obviously rooting for him to show 'em something. Would love a deep run out of him, maybe a final table?

But back to the title of this blog, is there anything worse than when you're sitting at a 1/3 table, or maybe the late stages of a tournament when you're just tired and want to go home, treading water with your 15bbs, and you look over and the craps table and they're all high-fiving and celebrating and hugging and having the god damn time of the lives like it's New Years god damn Eve???



Cannot count the number of times I've been sitting there folding my life away while the rest of the casino is partying like its 1999. I love live poker, but man, keep my table the hellllll away from the pits. They went to the casino to drink, have fun, and party while rolling the dice. Meanwhile I'm on my 2nd bullet of some 2,500 person tournament I have zero chance of winning. 


Appreciate everyone who checks out our socials and checks out the podcast. We have some cool things planned for the fall/winter, can't wait.



PS: RIP General Spank.