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FREE HIM: Christian Pulisic Deserves Better Than This Big Dummy Thomas Tuchel Who Reportedly 'Doesn't Trust Him' At Chelsea

I'm not ruling out the fact that Thomas Tuchel might be trying to sabotage USA soccer before the World Cup. Everyone is scared of us and rightfully so. Now you take one of our best players, top-3 players, and you put this report out there. Sure. Maybe play him? Maybe figure out what the fuck you want to do up front because right now it's basically praying and/or maybe getting Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. That'll work! 

I want our guys playing. We already have a problem at goalie because everyone is basically a backup on decent squads or you have Steffen on loan. I can't sit back and watch our guy - not the LeBron of soccer like some claim - but one of our USMNT saviors being stuck on Chelsea's bench. Fuck them. Free Him. And yes, Pulisic is Him. 

Send him to Leeds. Shit, make Leeds USMNT AAU style. If you grew up playing basketball you know exactly what I'm talking about. The team that somehow stuck together and played high school together. A work around the system of not being able to play together and such in the offseason. We already have Jesse Marsch there. We already have Brendan Aaronson. We already have Tyler Adams. Get Pulisic with his boys! 

Hit the highlights.