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Feast Your Eyes On The Worst Baserunning Performance In The History of Baseball, Courtesy Of The New York Yankees

Last night did irreparable harm to my soul. I'll never get back what I lost watching the New York Yankees attempt to run the bases in the wee hours of the night against the Mariners on August 9th, 2022. Whether it was Benintendi just taking off from second before the pitch was thrown, Andujar having no clue what to do on a line drive (freeze you imbecile), or IKF doing whatever the fuck he thought was the right play there in the 12th. There are no words to describe the pain those who stayed up suffered last night watching these buffoons try to score. 

I mean seriously what the fuck was IKF doing? Jose Trevino is a slow catcher, how long did you think he was gonna last in a rundown? Don't even get me started on his at bat that led to that bullshit. 

Think about this. In the 11th and 12th innings the Yankees sent two batters to the plate each time. Four batters in two innings! I don't think you have to check the history book to know that's a record. Back to back innings where you couldn't even find a way to bat three guys. It got to the point where I wondered if Boone wasn't gonna send out a runner to start the 13th inning. Never seen anything like it. 

While all this was happening the Yankees pen pitched their fucking ass off, holding the Mariners at bay. Chapman, Effross, Holmes, Wandy, and Trivino all were incredible Tuesday night. Eventually in the 13th Seattle broke through at 2:19 in the morning on the East Coast. It was in that moment I wanted to drink bleach. 

Sports are stupid, life is pointless, and we'll do it all again today. 

P.S. It's so fitting the night Cole pitches lights out they lose like this. No one is going to care or talk about his start and rightfully so. Just a disaster of a game.