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Dan Campbell Hitting The World With Deez Nuts Jokes And Ridiculous Quotes Is Why He's The Perfect Star Of 'Hard Knocks'

I can't get enough of this quote. One ass cheek and three toes? That's some sort of combo. I'm good friends with a guy who has 6 toes total - got 4 of his toes blasted off as a kid thanks to running barefoot and a lawn mower. Disgusting. But he has two ass cheeks. That won't stop Dan Campbell from beating his ass. 

It's not a secret we're all Dan Campbell fans here. Dude is entertaining as shit, has the football guy stereotype (because he is one) and has the ultimate task of making the Lions respectable. Not even sure if that's the right word. Not suck completely might be fair. But this is Hard Knocks were focusing on here. Not the Lions overall.

Dan Campbell delivered. The Lions delivered in night 1. We'll have blogs about some other shit that happened I'm sure, but I want to talk about Campbell. He was hyped up as the star of the show. He was and he is. Started it all with that quote and ended it was a deez nuts joke.

Classic. Always plays. 

I really wish I could find the quote he had explaining how he became a coach too. Peak Dan Campbell. He knew he had to retire and thought about what he knew and loved. His answer? Simple.

Football. Of course. 

That's before you see the craziness of the entire coaching staff. Basically a great list of former players where you go oh yeah him! But it didn't matter. Dan Campbell is the star of the show. 

One ass cheek. Three toes. Print the shirts.