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An Impressive Amount Of Hate: It Took Exactly One (1) Single Match For Man U Fans To Try And Organize A Boycott Of Their Stadium

This isn't new. This is basically what Manchester United is known for now. Hating the absolute shit out of the Glazers. What did they expect though? You had the Ronaldo drama all offseason. You have disaster after disaster with the transfers and basically pricing themselves out of every market. Now you are coming off a 2-1 loss to start the season and this is the response.

It's honestly impressive. I wish I had enough energy to boycott shit as much as my owners suck. I'd love to boycott Dolan but guess what? People still show up to MSG. People will still order everything. Money will still come in for these shitty owners. 

Now the difference is winning obviously cures all. When Man U is rolling people won't care as much. But when you're missing the Champions League and looking like shit you're going to get these calls for boycotts. Nothing is going to change. Nothing will happen. Look at all the other boycotts they tried having. This one was basically the one that had some sort of response. 


So congrats. I don't know if anyone truly hates their owners like Man U and the Glazers. But Old Trafford can be filled or empty, y'all still gonna lose. Better at least have some fans there.