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#Somethings: A Little Leaguer Went To The Mound To Console The Pitcher That Had Just Hit Him In The Head With A Pitch

I cannot fathom the amount of money it costs to raise an athlete in 2022. Based on what parents of older kids tell me, every rec league I played in growing up is dead and has been replaced by travel teams that requires paying year-round for games, uniforms, hotel rooms, and God knows how much other shit you spend time as well as money doing. However that moment made every dollar worth it for the parents that had just watched their kid get hit in the head with a baseball. Talk about an all-time scary moment followed by an all-time great one. 

You can teach a kid how to throw or hit a curveball. But teaching them to be a good sport is so much harder and important. Raising a sports star is cool and raising a kid that is in the .000000000001% of the population that can do something professionally as an athlete is like hitting the jackpot. Yet I think most parents would be happy raising a kid that has fun, makes some friends, and most importantly is a good person. Or at the very least not an asshole. Nobody likes assholes.

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The alternate take to this blog is that the kid shouldn't have done a thing because a rattled little league pitcher is meat for any lineup and the kid that hugged him should be benched for ruining their biggest advantage to put up a crooked number in the biggest games of their lives. I would never say such a thing because #somethings. But the take is out there.

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