WILD VIDEO Of A Groom Exposing His New Wife For Banging Her Pregnant Sister's Husband On Video For All In Attendance At Their Wedding

(This video is from 2019 but just started blowing up on Tik Tok)

NY Post - Footage of a groom exposing his bride’s affair on their wedding day by playing an X-rated video of her in bed with another man has left the internet in shock. Guests of the newlyweds in China can be seen looking on in horror as a steamy bedroom scene featuring the bride and her new husband’s brother-in-law plays out from a projector at the couple’s reception.

The disgraced woman then throws her bouquet at her husband as he can be heard shouting: “Did you think I didn’t know about this?”


This is one of those "life comes at you fast" moments if I've ever seen one.

One second this lady thought she'd gotten away with murder. Well, not murder, just banging her pregnant sister's man, which honestly might be worse. She'd walked down the aisle, said her "I Do's" with whom she thought was her "unsuspecting fiance/husband", only to be outed in front of everybody she knows and loves moments later.


I'm sure everybody's heard the urban legend of the groom who taped pictures of his cheating bride under all their wedding guests chairs and after her father spoke and gave a toast, he took the mic and asked everybody to pull the envelope out from under their seat, open it up and look at the pics. Completely humiliating her before dropping the mic and walking out. 

Well this is basically the 2022 (2019) version of that legend come to real life.

What a shitty situation for everybody involved. Poor wife's family. What a fucking shit show Thanksgiving that's going to be.

p.s. - Imagine being a guest at this wedding? Would be like being a guest at Jerry Springer.