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This 12 Year Old Kid Hit The Farthest Home Run In Baseball History Yesterday

Holy shit. That ball was MASSACRED. This 12 year old kid unzipped his pants and PISSED on this ball. I know I got the click bait headline but I really think this ball is landing in the bullpen at Sox Park, which is about 340 feet away. That shouldn't be doable for a 12 year old even with the advancement in technology bats are made out of. 

But the thing about it isn't that he just got lucky and connected. It was the entire swing. Just like 12 year olds shouldn't have this kinda power, they shouldn't have that kinda body control either. His entire body is working perfectly in sync with itself, his hands are lightning quick and his bat path and attack angle will lead to lift on lift on lift. It's a goddamn thing of beauty. Just sheer, unadulterated 12 year old athleticism at work. It'd be one thing if this kid were one of the 5'8", 270 pound fat kids you see at the LLWS, but he's not. He's a wiry little fuck.

Head down on the ball:

Jesus Christ this is a thing of beauty. Worst part is of course RICK HAHN is sitting on his ass and hasn't signed this kid to come play SS for the Sox yet. That shouldn't shock anyone though. In all seriousness though - look out for this kid, whatever his name is, in 5-6 years. Wouldn't be surprised if this bomb isn't the last we see of this kid, sorta like how a few of the Jackie Robinson West kids are starting their pro ball and college journeys. 

Last thing on this kid - I would have undoubtedly struck this kid out back when I was 12. He would have been spun into the ground. 

Also - if I had a son and he did this, I'd kill him. Just like if I did this my dad would have killed me. And those homicides would be justified

Just absolutely disgusting behavior