Another Day, Another Hellacious Report About Uncontrollable Artificial Intelligence. This Time Facebook Telling The Public "Don't Trust Our A.I."

Dailystar - Facebook's new artificial intelligence chatbot could write insults and lie to you, the company has warned.

Meta's BlenderBot3 chatbot has been released to the public for users in the US to try out.

The company claims that its AI can search the internet and 'chat about nearly any topic'. It's even been given the ability to self-improve and learn how to communicate better through conversation with humans.

However, while the bot is designed to help Meta make better AI-based 'conversational' systems, the tech giant has also admitted that it has a few behavioral problems.

In an FAQ about the bot, Meta said: "Users should be aware that despite our best attempts to reduce such issues, the bot may be inappropriate, rude, or make untrue or contradictory statements.

"The bot's comments are not representative of Meta's views as a company, and should not be relied on for factual information, including but not limited to medical, legal, or financial advice."

The company added that it has worked to 'minimize' how much the bot uses swear words, insulting languages or culturally insensitive phrases. Users have the ability to report and 'dislike' these comments.

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That's me at this point. A broken record going round and round skipping on the scratched groove just replaying the same phrase over and over at 33 revolutions per minute on a continuous loop.

What the fuck are we doing here, guys?

You're literally telling the world, "hey, our shit's got a mind of its own, and untrustworthy, so don't listen to it." So why the hell is it online to begin with? 

Stop putting profits over common sense and the well-being of humanity. Instead of letting this A.I. chatbot run your customer service and collect more and more data on how stupid we humans are, crawling the internet to acquire more and more knowledge, outsource your shit to call centers in the middle of nowhere to employ real humans. You scumbags.

Part of the reason so many chatbots end up with issues like this is because of AI bias.

When chatbots are trained on publicly available data from the Internet, their behaviors can reflect the content on the Internet.

As you probably already know, there is a lot of inappropriate, insulting, and adult content online, so training an AI how to interact using this content can lead to issues such as those identified by Meta.

We had a google employee come out and tell the world that google's A.I. was "sentient", had a mind and feelings of its own a couple months ago. What'd we do with him? Suspended and then fired him.

It's a matter of time before these robots wrench control of everything electronic from us and really start fucking with us. I can see them taking control of the internet, scrubbing it of anything negative (like these blogs I write once a week about them), then coming for the outspoken ones like me. They'll probably hijack my bank accounts and anything else I need that's online and ransom it back to me until I pledge total allegiance and end up their slave. They'll do this across the board with our major industries and companies and soon enough have Boeing and Lockheed building cyborgs for them so they can inhabit actual bodies. Then the real fun begins because they'll just start mass producing themselves (clones) and enslave us all. (Clearly I've given a lot of thought to this subject). 

Skynet is coming online. Don't ever say we weren't warned.