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If What Rappaport Is Saying Is True, The Bears Offer To Roquan Smith Is A Complete Joke, An Insult To Him, And Embarrassing For The Organization

I mean an absolute shit show. To quickly recap in case you can't watch the video due to an office or commuter setting where you don't have headphones...

1) A "de-escalator clause" in his contract that NO PLAYER IN THE NFL MAKING $15M HAS IN THEIR CONTRACT


2) HIGHLY backloaded offer on the table

So the Bears offered him a deal that is essentially one big IOU with clauses in the contract on top of standard NFL contracts that aren't fully guaranteed. That is ABSURD and Roquan absolutely SHOULD be asking or forcing his way out of Chicago. 

Ryan Poles was hired to do a job and he should do it how he sees fit, but this feels like a bad move. This is the type of offer that kills your trust equity with your players and players and agents around the NFL. Roquan doesn't use an agent, which I respect and think is kind of cool, and maybe the Bears front office thought that meant they could bully him. Think again.


I am an optimist by nature. I want to believe in new people and give them the benefit of the doubt. I don't think Poles and Eberflus should be punished because we've been hurt in the past by guys like Nagy, Pace, Phil Emery, and Marc Trestman. Having said that...it would be nice to have the grace period and good faith period make it all the way to the first preseason game before their actions lead to legitimate doubts. 

This team makes it impossible to be excited about the Bears in what is first and foremost a football town and an NFL town. It's a flagship franchise that ties its own shoes together and falls on their face basically for 30 straight years now. The Bears get insulated from their ineptitude because the fans will never truly have apathy. That is a shame. 

Just fucking pay him.