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What's Worse Than Getting Trucked At A High School Football Game? Getting Trucked At A High School Football Game Followed By Your Pants Falling Around Your Ankles

I don't know when or where this took place, but it was an absolutely Must Blog as soon as I got tagged in it. 10/10 hilarious shit of a real life Buddy Garrity getting truck sticked by a running back, falling over, and being left in a heap of shame as the entire town sees him in his underpants. 

When I say the rest of town, I mean THE REST OF TOWN with every shop on Main Street closing on Friday night because that's how small towns roll for high school football games. And when I say underpants, I don't mean underwear, which can be fashionable boxers or boxer briefs. I'm talking old man tighty whities underpants that come with either a stain or at least a tad bit of yellowing from years of use.

The best part about this video is we finally have a Holy Trinity of big guys rumbling, stumbling, and bumbling before they fall, which as a big guy I can admit makes things 1000 times funnier.

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