Chick-fil-A Is Now Testing Wings In Its Quest To Become The Best Restaurant On The Planet

Folks, this is it. If Chick-fil-A is able to successfully pull off bone-in wings — and what reason has CFA ever given anyone to think it won't make delicious chicken of any kind — then we have to start having a real conversation about the king of the fast food game.

McDonald's has long been at the top, and for good reason. But if Chick-fil-A adds top-tier wings to its arsenal, I think we have a Jordan-LeBron debate on our hands. Sure, Mickey D's gives you more variety. But I am a staunch believer in whole-assing one thing rather than half-assing several things — and no fast food chain whole-asses anything better than CFA does chicken.

Just look at the wings in that TikTok. Imagine those bad boys tossed in Polynesian sauce? Game over.

This is long overdue and I hope these amazing creations are soon rolled out nationwide for all Americans to enjoy. This is the definition of a game-changer.