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Blue Mountains And Sko Buffs: Grit Week 2022 Day 1 Recap

Grit Week 2022 presented by Coors Light is off and running. Yesterday, we began the day by sadly departing the beautiful Ameristar Black Hawk Resort and made our way to Golden, Colorado. That is the home of the best beer in the world: Coors Light. We got a tour of the facility and factory and had to suit up with the proper equipment in order to gain entry….

The factory tour was very cool and unique. We'll have a full video coming out soon on that in depth, but here were some of the highlights:

We then stopped at Bob's Atomic Burgers in Golden for lunch (very good), before playing a round of disc golf. No spoilers on that as there will be a video out coming soon. 

Next stop: Boulder, home of the Colorado Buffaloes. Huge shout out to their football staff for hooking us up with a tour of their facilities. Mr. Commenter even got to get some practice in doing what he does best: kicking field goals.

… and for the first time in my life, I put on a full football uniform. Can you tell?

And finally, Mr. Cat was actively recruiting a potential new B1G member…

All the focus now shifts to today's events which is headlined by our meet and greet at Tom's Watch Bar in Denver. Hope to see you there!